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Hi there! I'm a cartoonist/illustrator (whenever I have the time for it) with an unhealthy fascination for crime-fighting ducks, fluffy-haired princesses and multi-coloured bears. I grew up with a number of classic cartoons and animation films that incited my love for the genre and I finally published my cartoon artwork collection on my own homepage in 2002. *points to the link below* The lucky consequence was that my pictures didn't went to seed in their folders, which makes every artwork happy, and were finally seen by people, who like animation art as much as I do. Deal. ;P Here, however, you will almost exclusively find fanart. For my original artworks, stroll down the digital pathways of the Net to reach my personal homepage.


The International House of Mojo by SplatterPhoenix
The International House of Mojo
My first ever speedpainting, done as a practice piece. It shows the Voodoo Lady's lair in Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. More to follow, because painting this was so refreshing it's addictive. :)

"Monkey Island" © LucasArts

Graphite pencil & Photoshop / 2014
The Phantom of Audubon Bay by SplatterPhoenix
The Phantom of Audubon Bay
You know, we all are very much aware of the fact that Drake likes to dress up. And somehow, I can very much imagine that he'd love this kind of getup to bits. It's just so very much... him. ;) On top of that, Morgana would of course make a jaw-droppingly beautiful Christine. :eager: Happy Hallowe'en, everyone! :pumpkin:

"Drake Mallard/Darkwing Duck" and "Morgana Macawber" belong to Disney.
Credit for "The Phantom of the Opera" goes to Gaston Leroux and Andrew Lloyd Webber.


Graphite pencil and Photoshop / 2014
Up all night by SplatterPhoenix
Up all night
A tribute to the great point-and-click graphic adventure of 1987, featuring Dave, Razor, Bernard and Green Tentacle. Those were the days. *sighs*

Graphite pencil & Photoshop / 2014
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Back from New York and still fighting my jetlag - I feel like I've been walking for days without end and my eyes hurt as much from watching and observing my surroundings as my feet hurt from pacing through the city that never sleeps. Apart from going through with the usual sightseeing programme (which was a blast), I visited New York Comic Con again, this time, however, with some friends and blatantly showing off our love for Jurassic Park. I was sporting a fetching Dr. Ellie Sattler outfit, while my companions were dressed up as Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ian Malcolm and Dr. Sarah Harding (I know, we mixed up the first and the second film, but the characters were just perfect for our group. :D). Gosh, did we have a great time. :) We received wonderfully kind feedback from comic con attendees, fellow cosplayers and even other Jurassic Park-fans.

I was lucky enough to meet 'Darkwing Duck'-cartoonist James Silvani again, whom I had already met in person four years ago at NYCC. My personal highlight was meeting Peter S. Beagle, author of 'The Last Unicorn', who took the time to talk about his novel and shared wonderful memories with me. And all I could think of was: "Oh dear, here I am talking to one of my favourite authors dressed up as Ellie Sattler!" Well, that's the magic of NYCC I guess. ;) And I could clearly see that Doctor Who is by now truly big in America... I saw so many Doctors and various cosplay-versions of the TARDIS over there that I was a bit overwhelmed by it. Unfortunately, I missed GreyofPTA due to technical difficulties (stupid mobile phones! :(), but as we were virtually handed around for photographs, we hardly had time to take a breath anyway... that was one strenuous convention. :sleep:
Secret Lake (unfinished) by SplatterPhoenix
Secret Lake (unfinished)
Based on Gaston Leroux's as well as Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera, this digital painting was supposed to be a practice piece and shows Christine Daaé in the Phantom's lair. I think I'll leave it this way.

Photoshop / 2014

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Do you take requests?
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So, finally got around to create a folder for my DW stuff. I'm on a roll here; though it's mostly really sketches and tryouts. Feel free to pass by^^
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well it's been forever. sorry we haen't talked in so long ^^; how have you been?
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I don't know if you'll like this or not. but the director of both films seems to like this idea. True Fact.…
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I saw this review today of the Darkwing Duck series and thought you'd enjoy it :)

It reminded me about how much I adored/still adore the series as much as your art does :)

I hope it brings back great nostalgic memories :giggle:
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